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Caring for Down

Caring for Down Comforters & Pillows, courtesy of St. Geneve.

Caring for Down Pillows

Always use a pillow protector, and wash the protector frequently. Then you will rarely need to clean your pillow.

Many St. Geneve pillows are machine washable at home. These types are noted in the style list. Only wash the pillows if they appear to need it. For Regular, Standard and Queen pillows, wash them in pairs. Use the maximum water level, and an extra rinse cycle. Use a pure soap and medium temperature water. Do not Bleach. If any water is still left in the pillow after the rinse, squeeze out the excess water.

Machine dry at medium temperatures, and dry pillows seperately. This may take several cycles depending on the type of pillow. Feel the pillow all over and pull apart any clumps that may have formed, and tumble dry again. Your pillow will come out of the laundry as puffy as they were when new.

If your pillow is not a washable style, or you prefer to have it done professionally, choose a good quality cleaning establishment that is experienced in pillow cleaning. Don't go to a bargain establishment.

Caring for Down Duvets

A duvet is very easy to care for, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Always, always, always use a duvet cover. A duvet cover is much easier to clean than a duvet. Caring for your duvet and pillows will prolong their life, and in return they will give you a more comfortable sleep.

When you first unpack your duvet, it may seem a bit flat. Given a few hours, your new duvet will puff up and stay lofty for years. You will keep your duvet fresher if you hang it outside on a nice day, two or three times a year, being careful to place it out of direct sunlight. Don't hang it out on a windy day, but a gentle breeze is good.

Cleaning a Down Duvet

Spot Cleaning

For spots, you can knock the fill away from the area, and spot wash with a mild soap. Rinse the affected area thoroughly with water and dry thoroughly. Make sure the down fill is completely dry. Any clumps of down should be pulled apart and dried again. Drying can be done either outside, with a hairdryer on medium heat or in a large capacity dryer on medium heat. Never use high heat. If the spot is pet urine, take the duvet immediately to a professional cleaner.

Complete Cleaning

Only clean a duvet if it needs it ~ that is if it is soiled. A duvet can be dry-cleaned if done properly. Only use a good quality, reputable dry cleaner. You should air out a dry-cleaned duvet before use. We do not recommend non-professional laundering. It is possible to wash your bedding yourself, but doing so may jeopardize the life of your duvet. This is because home washers and dryers are too small. Also, most household washing machines have an agitator in the center, which places unnecessary stress on the duvet.

Storing a Duvet

When storing a duvet, always place the duvet in a fabric cover that can breathe. Plastic can trap moisture, and lead to mildew problems. This advice is true for any down filled product, and most natural textiles.

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