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About Silk

Caring for Silk Sheets and Garments is courtesy of St. Geneve.  These silk wash instructions are for St. Geneve Silk Bedlinens and St. Geneve silk nightwear. They may not be appropriate for other manufacturer's items.  Click on the link for  St. Geneve Silk Sheets and Bedding

Silk Sheets & Garments

Silk is amazingly strong and light. That's why they make parachutes and printer ribbons out of it, apart from many other things. However, it does need particular care to maintain its beauty and strength.

Silk Washing Instructions

The reason that silk is so strong and light is that it is made of protein, just like you. And just like you, it is sensitive to harsh cleansers. It is best washed in a pure, gentle soap (If you wouldn't use it on your skin, don't use it on your silk). You can use gentle cycles on your washing machine, using medium temperatures (Not Hot or Cold). Use maximum water level, and wash and rinse at the same temperature. Do not wring. Hang to dry, or if necessary use low temperatures and dry on the gentle cycle in your dryer. Remove well before it is completely dry and let air do the rest. For garments and small bedlinen items such as pillowcases, it is wise to turn them inside out and use a large lingerie bag. If pressing is desired, press inside out while the item is slighly damp and on the silk setting only.

Never use any of the following:

  • Bleach, or any detergent that contains bleach
  • Brighteners (this is another name for bleach)
  • Inexpensive laundry detergents ~ they often contain some kind of bleach
  • Alkaline detergents
  • Pre-soak products
  • Fabric Softeners
  • Enzyme detergents (These products can eat protein)
  • Specialty soaps such as "Lovelast" ~ most of these are formulated for fabrics other than silk ~ and will destroy silk. Only use a specialty soap if it is specifically formulated for silk.
  • Please avoid soaps promoted by Multi Level Marketers. We haven't tested them.

Keep your silk away from Perfumes, Hairspray, and Deodorants. Most of these are alcohol based, which can dissolve silk. Nail polish remover is also very bad for silk.

Do not allow silk to become heavily soiled. Silk can be weakened by perspiration, and the perspiration stains are almost impossible to remove.

Keep your silk out of direct sunlight ~ just like people, it can get sunburned.

Silk is a wonderful fabric. The extra care you give it will repay you in longer life for your sheets and garments.

These silk wash instructions are for St. Geneve Silk Bedlinens and St. Geneve silk nightwear. They may not be appropriate for other manufacturer's items.


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